8 minutes of life are reduced by eating pizza: why it feels like alcohol and cigarette addiction, how to get rid of it

8 minutes of life are reduced by eating pizza. Your life would be cut short by 36 minutes if you ever consumed a hot dog. The age of pizza eaters will also age by 8 minutes at the same time. Do not be shocked! An American university has actually conducted studies on food addiction. This discusses various cuisines and the ups and downs they have in our life.

You may now be thinking that food is a narcotic with an addictive nature.

Consider the meal or drink that you cannot survive without as an example. You start to feel restless without it. Someone must have thought of pizza. Someone must have thought of chocolate. The term for this is food addiction.

We shall learn why there is a food addiction, what its drawbacks are, and how it can be prevented in today’s news of necessity…

Why do people become dependent on unhealthy foods like pizza, burgers, cheese, and hot dogs? What transpires in them causes them to require food to survive?:

The brain contains a system. which we refer to as a reward system (reward system). Feel-good hormones are released by the brain during this. Dopamine, a chemical that causes the brain to experience pleasure, is present in it.

The reward provided by junk food, such as pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and chocolate, is far stronger than the reward from other foods. As a result, people enjoy eating junk food more and become dependent on it.

According to psychologists, food addiction is a physiological condition similar to addiction to alcohol and tobacco. With certain foods, it tastes nice. For instance, some sweets and junk food. One cannot survive without consuming these foods. He is frequently aware that the food he is eating is unhealthy. He nevertheless consumes that meal.

Now talk about the research which says that pizza-hot dog shortens life.:

Experts from the University of Michigan in the United States conducted this study. wherein about 5,800 food products were included, including pizza, hot dogs, processed meat, steak, shrimp, swine meat, cheeseburgers, ice cream, and chocolate. This states that if you eat pizza once, your life will be cut short by eight minutes. On the other side, consuming hot dogs can shorten life expectancy by 36 minutes. The journal Nature Food published the results of this study.

According to Professor Olivier Joliot, the findings of this study will help people enhance both their surroundings and their health. Diets should be adjusted accordingly.

According to health professionals, smoking one cigarette cuts your life short by 11 minutes. Consider whether pizza and hotdogs are equally hazardous to health as cigarettes now.

How many minutes of life are reduced by eating which food:

  • Hotdogs : 36 minutes
  • Processed meat (Bacon) : 26 minutes
  • Soft Drink : 13 minutes
  • Cheese Burgar : 9 minutes
  • Pizza : 8 minutes

If you have an addiction to something, how can you get rid of it?

Eating can spoil your health. For this you can take some measures. like-

  • The brain is the primary factor in addiction to anything. You must therefore occasionally inspire yourself to stop consuming the foods to which you are addicted.
  • Make a list of the food items to which you have a food addiction. Instead, look for alternative cuisines. If you are dependent on cheese and potato sandwiches, you might substitute healthy brown bread sandwiches with peanut butter and green salad.
  • If you’d like, you can manage your diet by following a doctor’s or nutritionist’s recommendations.
  • Despite all of this, you can still consult a doctor or counsellor if the addiction persists.

What does science say on longevity:

According to science, a person’s lifestyle has an impact on how long they live. A person’s life will be prolonged if their lifestyle is healthy, and it may be cut short if it is unhealthy. So, we must also fully attend to eating, sleeping, and waking up.

10 Steps To Healthy Lifestyle That We All Know But Don’t Follow. decide to do it now:

  • Decide on a time to go to bed at night and to get up in the morning.
  • In the morning, breakfast should not be missed.
  • Pick a food that contains the fewest harmful fats possible.
  • Trans and saturated fats are both components of unhealthy fats. As a result, your LDL cholesterol rises. Therefore, the risk of developing heart disease rises.
  • Keep track of good fats as well by cooking using soy, canola, and olive oils.
  • Pick foods with lots of highly refined carbs and little sugar. Drink more sweet fruit juices and fewer sweets and fizzy drinks.
  • Include whole foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in your diet rather than processed foods.
    Make yoga or exercise a habit.
  • Avoid getting caught up in the dieting trap.
  • Water consumption should be prioritised.

It is not that research was done only on the negative impact food, there are some things which can increase your life a few minutes after eating.:

  • Avocado : 1.5 minutes
  • Tomato : 4 minutes
  • Banana : 13.5 minutes
  • Baked Salmon fish : 13.5 minutes
  • Peanut butter and jam sandwich : 33 minutes

How was the research done on pizza and other things, what important things came out in it?:

Researchers from the University of Michigan studied 35 different food items. There were two surveys conducted and 504 people were involved. Important information was revealed…

  • The team employed the Health Nutritional Index for the study (HENI).
  • The most addicting food is pizza. In other words, pizza is the most commonly addicted food.
  • Junk food has a lot of fat and processed carbs. Compared to the fibre, protein, and water found in natural foods, they get to your body faster.

So eat healthy and live long. Brighter Home Life

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