NASA discovered Super Earth: It is 4 times bigger than Earth, it is completed in 11 days year; life can also be

NASA discovered Super Earth. Researchers frequently continue to look for Earth-like planets in space. As of late, the US space organization NASA has found a planet whose mass is multiple times that of Earth. It is available on the edges of our system. Researchers have named it ‘Ross 508 b’. Despite the fact that it is likewise being called ‘Super Earth’.

37 light years away from planet earth:

Planets outside our planetary group are called exoplanets, so Ross 508 b is additionally an exoplanet. It is found 37 light years from Earth. As indicated by NASA, it circles a star whose mass is one-fifth that of the Sun.

The name of this star is Red Dwarf. It is a lot more brilliant red tone, cooler and faintly lit than our Sun. Super Earth circles it from a distance of 3 million miles. Simultaneously, assuming that we discuss our nearby planet group, the principal planet Mercury is likewise found 37 million miles from the Sun. In such a circumstance, the inquiry emerges whether life is conceivable on this exoplanet.

11 day one year on exoplanet:

Since the distance between Ross 508 b and the red diminutive person is extremely short, it requires just 10.8 days for an exoplanet to circle the star. That is, one year here is equivalent to 11 days. One year on Earth is equivalent to 365 days.

Subaru telescope discovered:

Ross 508b is the first exoplanet discovered by Japan’s Subaru Strategic Program. It has been seen with the help of Subaru telescope. Its technology has been developed by the Astrobiology Center of Japan.

Is life possible on exoplanet?:

As per NASA, the outer layer of Ross 508 b might be more rough than Earth. Its circle is circular, meaning it isn’t dependably at a similar separation from the star. As per researchers, such a planet might be fit for holding water on its surface. Be that as it may, more exploration is required on whether water or life really thrives here.


An exoplanet or extrasolar planet is a planet situated external the Solar System. The discovery of exoplanets was first affirmed in the year 1992. More than 4,400 exoplanets have been found up to this point.
It is undeniably challenging to see exoplanets straightforwardly with optics. They are concealed by the outrageous brilliance of the stars they circle. That is the reason stargazers utilize different strategies to recognize and study exoplanets, for example, noticing the impacts of planets on the stars they circle.

The most solid hypothesis about the universe is the Big Bang hypothesis. As per this hypothesis, the universe of the size of zero was extremely hot. Because of this it detonated and it spread into endless particles. From that point forward it has been spreading persistently till now. The joined type of issue and energy is known as the universe.

As per space experts, there are assessed to be 19 billion systems up until this point, one of them is our world wherein there is a star which we call the Sun, its third planet and the main planet in the known universe where life is available. A planet that circles a star other than the Sun or circles a star outside the planetary group is called an exoplanet.

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